Senin, 30 Maret 2015

Meningitis Disease Prevention Method

 Meningitis is a disease caused by bacteria and viruses. However, according to the study of meningitis caused by viruses is not too dangerous and the handling is quite easy compared to meningitis caused by bacteria.

The spread of bacteria that can cause meningitis disease, many in public places. Therefore you should always be careful and always maintain health when you are out of the house and do activities together with the banya.

Nevertheless you should not be afraid and limit your interactions and activities outside the home. Because the following I will give a little info meningitis disease prevention methods that you can do. Here's a more complete explanation!

Meningitis Disease Prevention Method

Doing Faksinasi
Doing faksinansi are precautions that can be done from the need to treat. For the prevention of meningitis first thing to do is to vaccinate, for children ages ranging from 11-12 years to 16-21 years maturity.

Keeping distance with Meningitis Patients
Meningitis is a contagious disease. We recommend for prevention or little you avoid keeping a distance so as not affected by the spread of bacteria. The bacteria usually spreads through saliva or fluid in the form of cairn when sneezing.

Diligent Doing Handwashing
The spread of this firus than through the liquid could be through touch, therefore, try to always wash your hands after any activity. This was done to prevent that may be contained bacteria that stick to your hands.

That way miningitis disease prevention, and from now on do not ever feel afraid because there must be a cure all diseases. So and hopefully useful!

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Selasa, 24 Maret 2015

Waterproof Android Smartphone in Indonesia

Along with advances in technology and informatics at the moment to make a tough competition to the manufacturer issued a variety of tactics to attract customers to their products. Currently all manufacturers of the famous smartphone vendor being intensively remove the product that is fully-waterproof.

Discusses the new waterproof facilities owned by some vendors is certainly not out of the twigs or ingress protection IP which has the ability to waterproof and dustproof, that privilege smartphone currently on the market of Indonesia. Who are the dimaksukan android smartphone? Here's the explanation!

Waterproof Android Smartphone in Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy S5
Vendors from the giant ginseng country that launched the first smartphone with a water-resistant products Galaxy S5. Additionally galaxy S5 is android 4.4.2 kitkat and to feature the Galaxy S5 waterproof IP67 has branches that can be in water depths up to 1 meter with a time of 30 minutes.

Sony Xperia Z2
Sony re-released products with the quality and price is relatively high, with a product called the Sony Xperia Z2 arrives has been released since March last and with Garga similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 is about 8.5 million. Regarding the quality of their water resistance is also very remarkable that it has been equipped with IP58 means being able to survive in water depth of 1 meter with a time of just 15 minutes.

Well ,, that waterproof smartphone in Indonesia, in fact there are many more and I will review the opportunity at a later time. That is all and thank you!

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Pengertian Sosialisme

Sosialisme atau sosialis adalah sistem sosial dan ekonomi yang ditandai dengan kepemilikan sosial dari alat-alat produksi dan manajemen koperasi ekonomi, serta teori politik dan gerakan yang mengarah pada pembentukan sistem tersebut. "Kepemilikan sosial" bisa merujuk ke koperasi, kepemilikan umum, kepemilikan negara, kepemilikan warga ekuitas, atau kombinasi dari semuanya. Ada banyak jenis sosialisme dan tidak ada definisi tunggal secara enskapitulasi dari mereka semua. Mereka berbeda dalam jenis kepemilikan sosial yang mereka ajukan, sejauh mana mereka bergantung pada pasar atau perencanaan, bagaimana manajemen harus diselenggarakan dalam lembaga-lembaga yang produktif, dan peran negara dalam membangun sosialisme.

Istilah ini mulai digunakan sejak awal abad ke-19. Dalam bahasa Inggris, istilah ini digunakan pertama kali untuk menyebut pengikut Robert Owen pada tahun 1827. Di Perancis, istilah ini mengacu pada para pengikut doktrin Saint-Simon pada tahun 1832 yang dipopulerkan oleh Pierre Leroux dan J. Regnaud dalam l'Encyclop├ędie Nouvelle. Penggunaan istilah sosialisme sering digunakan dalam berbagai konteks yang berbeda-beda oleh berbagai kelompok, tetapi hampir semua sepakat bahwa istilah ini berawal dari pergolakan kaum buruh industri dan buruh tani pada abad ke-19 hingga awal abad ke-20 berdasarkan prinsip solidaritas dan memperjuangkan masyarakat egalitarian yang dengan sistem ekonomi menurut mereka dapat melayani masyarakat banyak daripada hanya segelintir elite.